We’ve been raising money online longer than most groups have had websites. provides secure donation and payment processing for political candidates and organizations. Our low cost but highly effective system makes raising money online affordable.

It pretty much started out when hit the scene.  They began as a petition urging the House of Representatives to “move on” from the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  But then they started raising money to target and defeat the 13 House Managers (the Members of the House of Representatives tasked with prosecuting the Articles of Impeachment at the trial in the United States Senate).

GXS was brought in to establish an online presence for the House Manager’s PAC and, importantly, counter the MoveOn fundraising by raising money online to support the Manage’rs reelection campaigns.

At the time, we were only one of a handful of firms raising money online on behalf of clients, and now, millions of dollars later, we’re one of the few still in business since.

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